Mrs.Karina Schifter-Holm from Viborg High School Denmark has chosen ShiraPlayer software for their educational presentation.

Dallas Independent School District  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) department ought mobile planetarium system from "Fulldome Reality" Company with ShiraPlayer presentation software. 





The NEPA planetarium in Amazonas State University in Brazil bought three planetarium system from "Fulldome BR" company.

Also they bought three licenses ShiraPlayer for their systems
Now, Prof. Nélio Sasaki from NEPA planetarium is using ShiraPlayer for his astronomy education.

The York Universtiy in United Kingdom bought mobile planetarium system from "Fulldome Reality" Company with ShiraPlayer.
They will start to use system in end of september 2015 by outreach service of the Physics department.


usan National Science Museum is opening in June,2015.
It has 17 meter fixed dome and Optical Observatory with many small telescopes CCD cameras and Portable Planetarium.
The Portable system is in Lecture room with ShiraPlayer.