ImageThe Havens Foundation is foundation that provide astronomy education outreach at no charge (free) to schools, youth groups, and other civic organizations at Evansville, Indiana, USA. The foundation provides for other charities also but the astronomy outreach is the primary focus.

They have an observatory with a slide-off roof. Next to the observatory is an education building where they can set up the portable dome and spherical mirror system that bought from e-Planetarium comp. if there is bad weather when groups come out to the observatory.

Jim Havens who owners of Havens Foundation has specifically chosen the following reasons.
1. Spherical mirror display has not include problem.
2. Instead of seeing controlling windows on Dome, displaying on control PC is perfect.

Havens Foundation just became a licenced user that using "Record Module" of Shira Player.

Turkiye Bursa Yıldırım Municipality Science&Education Center.

Between 2006 and 2011, I developed first homemade planetarium software and hardware of Turkey with result of extensive studies. These systems were established in "Science and Education Center of Municipality Yildirim Bursa,Turkey" which was 13 meter diameter dome.

The systems used in product design and development of a completely indigenous in this science center that were registered to "Association des Planétariums de Langue Française".

In this planetarium I have set up multiprojector system. I have used eight projectors and ten computers as hardware. The Cacarium (primitive version of Shira Player Pro), Mitakarium (Primitive version of ShiraUniverse) and Dome Player softwares were developed and used.