Mr Dean Davidso who is CEO of the SkyWatch Education compay started to use his Astronomy educations.

They started to use Fulldome Plantearios Brazil projector system with Shira Player.

Prof. Daniel Raimann from UDESC has chosen to use "Shira Universe" & "Shira Player" for their Astronomy educations. They worked with Fulldome Planetarios which is Shira products distrubutor of Brazil.

Planetarium Puebla were started to the project for 5 multi-projection planetarium system. Thus they bought "Vioso Micro DomeMaster" with "Shira Universe" from Vioso GmbH. They will do install in the coming days.

Scitech is Western Australia's preeminent science education organisation, which seeks to increase awareness, interest, capability and participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), particularly for children and their families. Scitech engages with primary students and their teachers with a myriad of hands-on, curriculum aligned programs. The Spacedome is an inflatable and mobile planetarium, which brings the wonders of space to the classroom with immersive and engaging tours of the sky.