Astronomical Center of Gera started to use licensed Shira Player with multi-projection plugin. Their fixed dome system includes 8 projector with VIOSO any blend software and hardware.

Tairawhiti Museum has choosen to use Cosmodome Australian company production of planetarium projector. The system includes Shira Player software. Now they are using licensed Shira Player for their fulldome presentations.

 Secretaria Educação Acre is customer of Fulldome Planetarios Brasil Company.
Now they are using Shira Player with fisheye projection system to educate astronomy.

The Federal University of the Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys planetarium is using Shira Player with Fulldome Planetarios company's projector hardware on their astronomy educations, now.

Mr. Daniel Monk from "Kielder Observatory" choosed to use Shira Player on their planetarium presentations. Kielder Observatory is a public outreach astronomical facility located in Kielder Forest. The primary function of the observatory is outreach via public events.