he SureyyaSoft is continuing to develop presentation software.
Now, ShiraPlayer 1.8.7 version has 110 high resolution Messier objects images library.
You can show Messier images with animate effects on dome.
With this version also is fixed some bugs.

Sample image of Messier Catalog Module.

AltairLLC is a company consulting for Planetariums in the south-west side of Japan. The company Ceo Mr. Osamu Kato was registered user, yet. Now he is working for the spread of use of ShiraPlayer in Japan.
The AltairLLC official site


Mr. Kato is also business partner with "TelescopeShop TOMITA" . ( http://www.y-tomita.co.jp/index.html ) . Below photos was taken 29 November by Mr.TOMITA.


Below Promotion Video is produced by Mr.Osamu Kato at January


From Pampa University,Brazil, Prof.Guilherme Frederico Marranghello is using ShiraPlayer on
their mobile planetarium. They bought mobile system from Fulldome.com.br company.



From Rio de Jenario Insitute , Prof. Marco Aurelio is using ShiraPlayer on their presentations in mobile planetarium. They bought mobile system from Fulldome.com.br company.





ulldome Reality(FDR) Company joined to ASE Conference at Reading University in January 2015.(http://www.ase.org.uk/conferences/annual-conference/)
Mr&Mrs.Barber from FDR promoted ShiraPlayer software on their mirrored system. (http://www.fulldomereality.com/en/news/january-2015/)

A great deal of interest was shown in their system using the latest feature of Shiraplayer, Fly-by Planets.