Shira Universe is becoming more effective software for planetarium usages with space flight specification.

Featured properties in 1.6 version

  • Powerful Script Engine.

With new script engine all properties can be controlled by scripts. Also working scripts can be paused and resumed with one-click. In downloadable file package, English and Japanese script helper files can be found.

  • Realistic View

More realistic planetarium view with planets, moon and high resolution colored milkyway textures
in landscape and spaceflight mode.


  • Night view Landscape support

It is possible to show single landscape by using Night & daylight view.
The file that has been produced by Osamu Kato includes two panoramic views of same landscape in daylight & night. Two views are blended with crosfade effect at sunrice and sunset times.

  • Z angle rotate feature has been added in landscape definition file.
  • Milkyway intensity slider to change mikyway density has been added.
Night View Landscape. Same Landscape with daylight view.
  • Spanish language support has been added.
  • PJLink projector control feature has been added
  • Many bugs have been fixed
    1. Reset all functions were missing, it was fixed.
    2. Initial sky view has been changed to South direction. 
    3. When other planets landed previous landscape shown, fixed.
    4. Fixed keybord controls
    5. and more.

  Download & License Information 

Shira Universe has Mitaka based sky generator and media presenter for fixed and mobile domes planateriums.
For privacy&policy information and download click here.

What is new and fixes since previous version

  • Flat image manager in Media Manager

The flat images are presented with this feature by free image browsing on computer.

  • Enhanced Constellations manager

Single constellation art, line or boundary selection manager or seasonal group selection capability.

Shira Universe

Shira Universe software is developed by Asaf Yurdakul is CEO of Sureyyasoft based on National Astronomical Observatory of Japan(NAOJ) Four-Diamensional Digital (4D2U) Project of Mitaka software which has MIT license.

Copyright(c) 2015-2019 SureyyaSoft Planetarium Technologies , Tsunehiko Kato and 4D2U Project, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan 

Original Mitaka is developed by Tsunehiko Kato (former 4D2U Project / Osaka Univ.).

Mitaka: Copyright (c) 2007 Tsunehiko Kato and 4D2U Project

Download and Use

You can download the latest Shira Universe from this link. Currently Shira Universe is released as updater files of the original Mitaka. So you have to download Mitaka and install it before Shira Universe. After installed Mitaka, download the Shira Universe files and overwrite the original ones.

Topology files can download from this link.

For personal user and testers use without any needing apply for permission.

To Show at museums and planetariums please read to below link, carefully before use Shira Universe and Mitaka software

To use ShiraUniverse without watermark contact to Sureyyasoft.

Shira Player

Shira Player software is developed by Asaf Yurdakul is CEO of Sureyyasoft based on Stellarium Open Source Project which has GPL license. Shira Player includes 110 Messier Objects catalogue. Some of catalogue images had copied from free Nasa Hubble Site source ( ), some of them are copied from free Wiki libraries sources (

Copyright(c) 2010-2016 SureyyaSoft Planetarium Technologies and Stellarium Project.

Original Stellarium is developed by Stellarium developers team.

Download and Use

You can download the latest Shira Player source and compiled version from this link

The Shira Player includes free version "shiraprojector.dll" plugin file. This plugin allows to use with output fisheye or spherical mirrored projector system but watermark.

To remove watermark contact to Sureyyasoft and buy 1 user for single projector license.  With this license allows them to use only 1 projector plugged output. Licensees can use this license information in only one computer. License using is controlled by online. Illegal uses are warned. Can be cancel licenses by system automatically that do not conform to the rules.

Shira Player Multiprojector plugin  

To use Shira Player for multi projector please contact to Sureyyasoft.

Real-Time 3D Space Flight experience with Planetarium Presentation


he published Shira Universe software is developed based on Japan National Observatory (NAOJ)  Four-Diamensional Digital (4D2U) Project ( of Mitaka software which has MIT license. 

The Shira Universe 1.0 includes all of 1.3.0 version of the Mitaka software features. For detailed information about Mitaka

The Shira Universe (SU, as shortly) is a specific version for planetarium use only. It is aimed to facilitate of presentation of planetarium.

Benefits of Shira Universe

* Useful Console Manager

The SU has splitted and advanced screen console to control projection screen. Nearly all visual controls have fade on/off effect.  Below screenshots are taken while Sky Manager Display Settings window is opened. There are enough controls in the "Sky Manager - Display settings" window.

Shira Universe Main Control Console with preivew screen

Fisheye Projection
Spherical Projection
Hakoniwa Calibration System single cove projector projection