New version desktop application highlights are below

  • Spherical video playing capability

Added spherical video like "ricoh theta" camcorder videos play capability 
as fulldome

To play spherical video

    • Copy spherical 360* camcorder videos into your fulldome directory.
    • Start Shira Player and select and play video
    • Shira Player recognizes it automatically.
    • You can change orientation by mouse from preview screen

Sample spherical videos


Spherical format video screenshoot Converted as live in Shira Player
Encode operation for Spherical video

To split and encode video for Shira Player, please select profile "No resize High Quality" in Shira Encoder
mainmenu and start job.


  • Re-activated fine tuning property to align output projection in single projector mode.

  • Added development and bug fixed about Shira Player android console connections.

 You can download Shira Player from download page..