Star Proper Motion script was added to "Favorites".

In this script date-time start from BC 100.000 to end AD 100.000 . Simulate star movement in this time periods. This request was made by Mr. Osamu Kato Altair LLC.


You can find information about "Proper Motion" from below link


Fixed bug list: 

  • Fixed Bug : The sun flashes on and off, this appears to be effected with time and moving time forward causes it to flash, the faster time is moving the faster it flashes.
  • Fixed Bug: Pre-warped check box was not worked for spherical projection.
  • Fixed Bug: Changing spherical mirror applied black projection display. 
  • Fixed Bug: Selection below Julian date begining time occured problems. 
  • Added script commands : 

core.getObserverLocationInfo(): This function also returns "sidereal year" and "sidereal day" values
StelNavigator.addSiderealDay(): Add a day to sidereal days
StelNavigator.addSiderealWeek(): Add a week to sidereal days
StelNavigator.addSiderealDays(double d) : Add days to sideral days.

You can download Shira Player from download page..