1.8.9 version has several new features listed below: 

New Scripts
+ New Horizon Spacecraft Pluto mission script
   Pluto texture taken by "New Horizon" mission, surprize script for this mission. (Include new horizion images and two audio files) 

 + Astroid_shira_start, astroid_shira_stop script 


New Landscape manager
  In addition showing sample screenshoot in manager 


New Audio manager 
  Audio files path must be audio directory in fulldome path. 


Dome ligting-Illumination projection
    Red,Green,Blue and White color ambient lighting using projector. 


 - New reset all function, for return back initial settings.  


- Added new horizon pluto texture
- In flyby operation use click+left mouse rotate globe
- In messier catalog window added new checbox (Hide Landscape & Atmosphere) button
- And some bug fixes. 

List of modules that need to buy to use without watermark is below:

Module List
  • Fulldome Video Playback Manager
  • Flat Screen Playback Module
  • Record Manager Module
  • Sky Writer Feature
  • Fine-Tune Distortion Tool
  • From ShiraPlayer Console connect
  • Flyby Planets Module
  • Messier Catalog Feature
  • Constellation Window Feature
  • Planet axis and equator lines
  • StarTrails and limit star magnitude 

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